May 3, 2011


Well, my blog has been a little lonely the past month. i have been neglecting it.... sorry (la flemme!!!! ) anyway, I knew i just had to do a post on my bus trip. It was the best 12 days of my life :)
We started off in Reims, France where there is this beautiful cathedral----- Then the next day was spent in Strasbourg! it was absolutely gorgeous. one of my favorite cities we visited. There was an area called "la petite France" and all the house were sooo cute! i loved it. After Strasbourg we headed across the border to Germany!!!!! We spent the day in Munich which was really neat. We had a guided tour where we saw the old office building of Hilter, a nude parc (and i mean COMPLETELY NUDE.... quite a few old men just basking in the sun...). We also tasted authentic german pretzels :) yummmy.

After Munich, we visited Chateau Linderkof just next to the German/Austrian border. It was verrry pretty.

Just after the chateau we went to Innsbruck, Austria! Another one of my favorites. it was truely amazing. We went on a guided tour, ate delicious traditional food, bought some souvenirs and then hung out next to the big river...... great day! Also, that night we stayed in a really neat hotel on a hill over looking a little village. I felt like i was in the Sound of Music :)

After Austria---- ITALIA!!!!! We started off in Verona, the town of Romeo and Juliet... We saw Juliet's balcony (not sure how since she was fiction.... but still it was cool) also, there we saw the wall where everyone writes messages to Juliet (like in the movie!) it was fun. I also ate my first italian pasta! sooooo delicious. Verona was a great town! really romantic.

Our first night it Italy we stayed in a hotel on the beach. it was sooo great. Also, our first dinner in Italy was CRAZY!!! so we all sat down to eat and the serveurs brought us out big plates of pasta (it was sooo yummy) and so after eating that they cleared off the plates and brought out another plat of chicken and vegetables!!!!!! We were soooooo surprised. we were already full from the pasta because for us pasta is the main dish. but in italy its just a starter. it was soo funny. and then after that dish there was dessert (luckily it was just a bowl of fruit! i couldnt handle anymore!) The night after the "starter" was LASAGNA!!!!! as a starter!!!!! that was so weird for me. a little bit toooo much food. Anyway, the 2nd in Italy was spent in Venice! possibly the most beautiful place in the world. Here, I ate at a fun restaurant next to one of the canals, went on a gondola ride, and just enjoyed the beauty. it was a dream.

After Venice we made our way to Florence! Here we saw Michelangelo's David and visited an amazing italien market. We didnt have great weather, but it was still amazing. Also, ate some amazing gelato!

Our final day in Italy was Pisa!!!!! Here we took a million touristy photos with the Leaning Tower, did some shopping at the market, and of course ate some pizza! Pizza in Pisa :)

After saying "Arrivederci" to Italy, we said Bonjour to Monaco. Another one of my FAVORITES. It was absolutely amazing. Its in own little country--- 2 km squared! thats all! it was like the Beverley Hills of Europe. Unbelievable boats and cars... Not one piece of litter to be seen. It was incredible. i would love to live here. We took a guided tour which was really interesting- she took us to a place where we were able to see 3 different countries at once (la France, L'Italie, et Le Monaco!) also, there is a street were one side is France and the other is Monaco, but its just a normal street with houses! soo funny. also, we saw the prince!!!! the real prince of monaco. Prince Albert (the son of Grace Kelly!) We were next to his castle watching the guards change and all of a sudden the guards started talking on their walkie talkies and clearing people out of the way. and 10 seconds later there was the prince driving up in his car. It was really fast, but we saw him anway! it was cool :) I love Monaco!!!!!

After Monaco we made a few stops in France (Lyon, Annecy, Avignon). We didnt have much time there, but just after Annecy we went to Geneva, Switzerland. Here we toured the United Nations and of course bought swiss chocolate!!!! it was great.

After Switzerland it was back home to Paris! It went by WAYYYY to fast, but i enjoyed every minute of it. C'etait TROP bien..... I'm sad that its over, but im glad i was able to do it!

♥ ♥ ♥!