March 23, 2011


This afternoon I went rock climbing at Fontainebleau! It was sooo beautiful and fun. The weather was fantastic, 70 degrees! It was nice to get some fresh forest air. It reminded me a lot of McCall. I'm not super talented when it comes to rock-climbing, but i like it a lot and i am improving little by little!
Today I conquered an orange climb which was named "assez difficile" (rather difficult!) haha i was proud of myself. Anyway, I am off to bed. ! bizzzous

March 17, 2011

Un Tramway Nommé Désir.

yesterday was a great day :) The Lasserres took me to La Comedie Francaise to see "A Streetcar Named Desir" well it was in French so "Un Tramway Nommé Désir" by Tennessee Williams. It was the first American play to be put on at the Comedie Francaise! isn't that cool?! It was really good. The actors were amazing. and I understand almost everything!!! It made me miss drama so much. The Comedie Francaise is really cool inside (i tried to take a picture of it but i got in trouble haha). Its still hard for me to believe that I am able to go to the theater in Paris. It makes me realize how lucky i am.
oh, before the theater we ate in Paris at a authentic American diner! haha it was funny :) and yummmy. I had a real cheeseburger, fries , and an Oreo milkshake! It was delicious but i ate wayy to much!
I got home at 12:30am so it was a good thing I started school at noon today! Anyway, in short it was a great evening spent in paris! MERCI LES LASSERRES!

March 15, 2011

le soleil!

j'aime le soleil!!!! It was sooooo nice today! actually hot with a lot of sunshine. it was fantastic. spring is really here. Also, this morning I started school at 1pm. oh how I love France and its no substitutes teachers. I had 3 hours of class today. nice and easy.
After school, Pascaline Solene and I made rasberry smoothies/milkshakes which we drank on the patio so we could take full advantage of the sunshine. After that we messed around with the webcam on my laptop hahah we were bored.... (as you can see from the photos...) we finished the evening off my watching top chef and eating dinner.
It was a really relaxing, nice day :)
well, off to bed because unfortunetly i dont start at 1pm tomorrow.....

March 13, 2011

bienvenue chez moi!

Ok I finally got around to taking pictures of my new house :)
so here is a little tour for you all!
outside--the entryway and stairs---the kitchen----the dining room----the living room---my bedroom----

voila!!! its not the entire house, but a good part of it :)


March 12, 2011

L'anniversaire de Krystel!

Today was really fun :) I spent the day with my french friends for Krystel's birthday. First we all went to her house in Vaires to eat a delicious Guadelopean meal because her family is from there. It was soooo good. I dont remember what it was called but it was a plat with rice, zucchini, potatoes, and chicken with a really yummy sauce and for dessert we had a cake called "Mont Blanc." Yummm. After that we all hung out for a bit and then went to Paris to watch a movie. It was a really fun day. I love hanging out with my friends from school (even if i still don't understand everything), they are always fun.
Sorry for the short post but i'm tired :)
bonne nuit!

March 8, 2011

beautiful weather!

having lovely weather always puts me in such a great mood :) today the sun is shining and its in the 60s. and just to add to the great day i didn't have school! This morning my french class and i went to the movie theater (not sure why because the film was in english with french subtitles....weird for a french class to see) and then my teacher had meetings or something so we didnt have school for the rest of the day! its nice. I went on a nice walk with Sophie to get out and enjoy the weather.

But yea, life is good! i loving france more and more. Time is going by way too fast. I can't believe it. One month until the bus trip! i remember talking about it in september and saying wow thats so far away, but here it is! oh la.

Anyway i am all settled in my new family and its going really great. I will post pictures of the new house soon. Sorry I've been neglecting blogging! I'll try to be better.

Today is mardi gras and so we are having a crepe night! miam miam!