March 8, 2011

beautiful weather!

having lovely weather always puts me in such a great mood :) today the sun is shining and its in the 60s. and just to add to the great day i didn't have school! This morning my french class and i went to the movie theater (not sure why because the film was in english with french subtitles....weird for a french class to see) and then my teacher had meetings or something so we didnt have school for the rest of the day! its nice. I went on a nice walk with Sophie to get out and enjoy the weather.

But yea, life is good! i loving france more and more. Time is going by way too fast. I can't believe it. One month until the bus trip! i remember talking about it in september and saying wow thats so far away, but here it is! oh la.

Anyway i am all settled in my new family and its going really great. I will post pictures of the new house soon. Sorry I've been neglecting blogging! I'll try to be better.

Today is mardi gras and so we are having a crepe night! miam miam!



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  1. wow Em! We had a few inches of snow on Monday so your 60 degree weather sounds pretty good! They say spring in Paris is WONDERFUL and I bet you will be able to attest to that!