February 27, 2011

2eme semaine de vacances!

the 2nd week of vacation went by wayyy to fast. Mariana stayed with me the whole week which was really fun :) i miss you already haha. Well, i am just going to give a quick run-down of the week because i dont feel like typing very much. One day Sophine took Pascaline, Mariana and I to the Centre d'Agriculture in Paris which was really funny haha. It was a huuuuuuge building filled with livestock--cows, pigs, goats, chickens, donkeys--- it was like the fair! Another day I went to paris with Mariana, Jack, and Jose. We visited the Centre Pompidou which was a good choice because it was raining a lot. Another day I helped Mariana cook a mexican dinner for my family. It turned out really good. We had guacamole, enchiladas, beans and flan. It was so nice to eat mexican food again. i miss it a lot haha even though in Twin its not considered authentic. Yesterday, we went to Paris to watch Black Swan which was a realllllllly weird movie. I am surprised that it is nominated for awards... to each his own i guess. and last night mariana, sophie, nicholas, i and the Lasserres had a dinner with a couple from Rotary where we ate a saurkraut dish. We didnt get home until 2 in the morning..... oh la. Anyway, there is my week! I am sad that my vacation is over... school tomorrow.... joy!
well xoxo

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