February 2, 2011


wow, time flies. I can't believe its already february. sorry, its been awhile but i just haven't been in the blogging mood. so anyway, i've been doing well. This last weekend I had a Rotary conference all Saturday which was pretty boring and then they night we had a exotic food gala where all the students had to prepare a dish to serve. I was really looking forward to this because I thought I was going to eat tons of different dishes, but actually they didnt even give the students plates.... it was mostly for the guests so in order to eat we had to steal spoons and just go around trying to get what we could.... it was kind of a bummer. But there were lots of students there so it was fun to be with all of them. Also, in our district we got a new columbia and 2 new australiens who are just so nice:) its weird that I am not the new ones anymore! it feels like i just got here.

Anyway, the gala was in Amiens (northern France) and got over really late so we stayed the night in dorm rooms. And of course since it was with Rotary we had to wake up really early the next morning (which turned out to be for nothing).... We had 3 or so hours before we actually did anything so we were all a little grouchy haha. that day we split up and some went iceskating while some of us went and visited the cathedral which was absolutely beautiful. Its the biggest cathedral in France.

Overall it was an alright weekend. Not my favorite, but not terrible... We all felt kind of sick sunday after eating very well and not sleeping very well, but we survived haha. I took a 2 hour nap after school monday to recover from the weekend. Also, my 3 week vacation starts this friday so i am sooo excited! i have 3 weeks instead of 2 because next week is my school's bac blanc which is like a practice for the real bac, but still counts for a big part of their grade. Everyone is starting to stress for it. But i don't have to take it (except for in Math and English) so i dont have school except for thursday. it will be a nice little break!

also, today i got a nice surprise package from my grandparents (thanks gramma net and grandpa lonnie!) it was so exciting to get! i just made my day. I had to go get it from the post office and the whole bus ride home i was smiling and was super impatient to get home and open it!!! I just love the little joys in life like mail.
For dinner tonight the Lasserre's took me to a creperie! it was actually my first one since usually i just buy them from the street venders in paris. It was delicious :D first i had one with ham and goat cheese which was so good and then after i had a really yummy rasberry and ice cream one. it was amazing. but im stuffed now. oh well, it was worth it. Well, i'm off to bed after a fantastic day :D



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  1. It was great to talk to you honey. We both loved it. It made my day. I'd love a crepe today. It sounds and looks sooo good. We do have a French restaurant here so I guess I could have one. Maybe this week.....