February 4, 2011

oh the good life.

We finally got our class picture! haha we are quite the class :) Its kind of hard to see, but im the top left. (my head looks pointy because im wearing a black hat). Anyway, it will be a fun souvenir to have i think. Nothing too exciting happened today except that its the start of my 3 week vacation!!!! well, besides next thursday when i am going to take the bac blanc in math and english. Life is good. This week will be spent packing for both the week at the alps and for changing families. I can't believe its already time for that! Packing up all my stuff is not going to be fun hahaha. But im really really looking forward to the ski trip to the alps with both my families and with my friend Valentine :). I'm praying for snow! USA send some of your snow over to France!!!!!! well just for the week we are in the mountains.
Well, i kind of have a headache and so im going to go to bed!

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