March 15, 2011

le soleil!

j'aime le soleil!!!! It was sooooo nice today! actually hot with a lot of sunshine. it was fantastic. spring is really here. Also, this morning I started school at 1pm. oh how I love France and its no substitutes teachers. I had 3 hours of class today. nice and easy.
After school, Pascaline Solene and I made rasberry smoothies/milkshakes which we drank on the patio so we could take full advantage of the sunshine. After that we messed around with the webcam on my laptop hahah we were bored.... (as you can see from the photos...) we finished the evening off my watching top chef and eating dinner.
It was a really relaxing, nice day :)
well, off to bed because unfortunetly i dont start at 1pm tomorrow.....

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