March 17, 2011

Un Tramway Nommé Désir.

yesterday was a great day :) The Lasserres took me to La Comedie Francaise to see "A Streetcar Named Desir" well it was in French so "Un Tramway Nommé Désir" by Tennessee Williams. It was the first American play to be put on at the Comedie Francaise! isn't that cool?! It was really good. The actors were amazing. and I understand almost everything!!! It made me miss drama so much. The Comedie Francaise is really cool inside (i tried to take a picture of it but i got in trouble haha). Its still hard for me to believe that I am able to go to the theater in Paris. It makes me realize how lucky i am.
oh, before the theater we ate in Paris at a authentic American diner! haha it was funny :) and yummmy. I had a real cheeseburger, fries , and an Oreo milkshake! It was delicious but i ate wayy to much!
I got home at 12:30am so it was a good thing I started school at noon today! Anyway, in short it was a great evening spent in paris! MERCI LES LASSERRES!

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  1. oh man Em you have had some great experiences. hopefully that dinner took care of any cravings you may have had for american food!