April 4, 2011

its been awhile!

i haven't been a very faithful blogger lately. sorry!

Last week I was pretty sick which wasnt fun. I missed two days of school and just starting feeling better this weekend. So a quick overview of the past two weeks----

We have been having amazing weather here in France. I pulled out the gladiator sandals for the first time of 2011 and it was soooo nice :) One weekend I went to Paris with some of my exchange friends and we visited l'hotel des invalides and then bought some ice cream and ate it in the parc in front of the tour eiffel. I love paris in the springtime! its sooo beautiful.

That night I had a Rotary Gala- we ate really yummy food, danced, and my rotary club surprised me by putting my name on ALL the champagne bottle logos because it was the 26th of march which meant my 7th month in france! They also gave one to me for a souvenir. it was so special. That night i started to feel a little crummy which was too bad, but i still was able to enjoy myself. Anyway--- the next 4 days I was sick so they weren't too productive. This last weekend I had a Rotary international dinner (all the students had to cook a main dish and dessert from their country). I made BBQ ribs and brownies. They were a hit! I was very proud of myself. That night I stayed with Claire's family (Claire is a french girls whos leaving next year on an exchange) because it got over really late. It was fun. Her family owns a cheese store so I got to try some new kinds for lunch the next day. Talking to Claire about exchanges was so weird because I remember when I was the one getting ready to leave and asking tons of questions and waiting for information about my country/family. Now i'm the expert! I can't believe it. 7 months have already gone by. All the other students and I have made a rule that forbids talking about leaving because its too sad.....

Anyway, new subject- yesterday I made some delicious cinnamon rolls (I COOK NOW! first thanksgiving dinner, then ribs, brownies, cookies, and now cinnamon rolls? who would have guessed...?) I want to eat them all, but i know i have to share. . . .

Also, ready for the best news ever?!?!?! FRIDAY I LEAVE FOR THE BUS TRIP!!!!!!!!

I'm going with tons of students from my district and we start in Strasbourg then go to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco and then finish back in France! i'm sooooo excited. I just want to fast-forward through the next 3 days (no, actually i shouldn't say that because time is going by too fast already. ) I get back the 19th of April and then the next day I am going to l'Ile de Re avec my host family! Its an island off the west coast of France and I heard it is amazing. Nicholas (my host dad's family lives there so we are going for easter). So yea pretty much this month is going to be amazing.

well, there you go! my little update :)




  1. this picture of you in springtime in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower is now my desktop background. what a life you have!

  2. Spring time in Paris! What a lucky girl you are. Glad to finally get the update. I'm a bit jealous you know. G