August 27, 2010

Bonjour France!

I am offically an exchange student in France:) it's so crazy that I am actually here. Surprisingly enough, the flight over went pretty fast. my plane was awesome and each seat had a tv where you could choose to watch whatever movies you wanted. I watched 3 :) haha.
My town, Chelles, is really cute. The houses are all small and have red roofs and flowers in the windows :) very very French. I like it a lot. Mais, oh la la! Let me just say that learning another language is extremely extremely difficult. I can only understand when my family talks directly to me and only if they slow wayyyyy down. I feel like a little kid again. Its so hard. I have so much that I want to say but I dont know how yet haha. Jean, the foreign exchange student staying my family, told me that he finds it really hard to introduce himself into a conversation and I know exactly what he means. By the time I can recognize a few words in the conversation and think of something to say on the subject, the conversation is over haha. Also, I tend to think people are asking me one question when they are really asking me something else so I get a lot of confused looks :) but no worries. Everyone is really patient with me and I am trying not to get too frustrated :) It just needs time.

Anyway, today i got to go to the pool with my host sister Amandine and I met two of her friends. They were very nice, even though I couldnt understand most of what they said :) The pool was in Paris on a barge type thing floating on the Seine! It was really cool. Also, I ate in my first French sidewalk cafe :) I had a creme brulee :) yum yum yum.
Well, its pretty late here so i had better get to bed.

avec mes parents :) a l'aeroport.

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  1. Oh so fun to read this Emily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for your fast post. I've been checking my google reader every day twice a day. haha!

    Pool and cafe and the little houses. I'm sooo jealous! xoxox Love you, Auntie Jen