August 29, 2010


Ah, today was amazing! my first real trip to Paris. I got to see Le Louvre, Notre Dame, Le Musee d'Orsay, and La Tour Eiffel :) It was so incredible it took my breathe away. I love Paris :) all of the buildings beautiful! We toured around Paris from 4pm to about 8pm. After that Amandine and I went back to the pool with two of her friends and after that we ate at this really cool restaurant. It was a lot of fun!
I slept in until 1pm today haha. I think I'm still recovering from jet lag, but I felt a lot more awake today than the other days. My french is still really bad but I will keep you posted on any improvements :) At the restaurant with Amandine et her friends these guys came up to us and started talking really fast and it was really embarassing because I didn't understand any of it but they looked at me for a response haha. Thankfully the girls jumped in and saved me :) its really funny. I have perfected my deer in the headlights look. Also, when we were at the tour eiffel a lady just walked up to us and started speaking english! she didn't even ask "Parlez-vous l'anglais?" Luckily, I did but I still found that very odd. No wonder the French are sometimes impatient with English speakers haha.
I got to eat my first french crepe today! it was delicious. It had lemon stuff in it... yum yum yum.

This is really random, but one thing I love is seeing posters for movies! Most of them are American movies but the titles are translated funny. For example, I saw a poster for Grown-ups but here its called "Copains pour toujours" meaning Friends For Always. haha and it doesnt come out until September 8th when it came out here in June! Another crazy thing is that the taxis and buses here are mercedes! I couldnt believe that when i saw it!

Okay well anyway i had better get to bed!


  1. Bonjour Emily!

    Its me your faithful follower. Ha Ha.

    Your pictures are amazing. Thank you for posting them for us. I showed Uncle Steve too. It feels like your family just lives so close to everything like its just a hop skip and jump to the Eifel tower. Like no big deal. Whoa. Incredible!

    Today the girls acolyte and they are NOT happy about that cutting into their sleep. Tomorrow we celebrate Carole and Steve's birthday here. I'm making Gramma's Mccall meal here. Ribs and noodles. Wish me luck!

    Love you tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and blowing you kisses... You should have felt something on your face. :)

    xoxoxo Aunt Jen

  2. I got tears in my eyes seeing you by all these monuments. I hope you keep having great adventures. Soon you will not have to have anyone step in and save you in French conversations, don't worry! :) Mme Creek