August 31, 2010

all registered for school!

Today was a really exciting day! I got to register for school :) and...... drum roll please.... I'm in Terminale!!!! instead of Premiere. I am so happy! Side-story: At first my school had me registered in Premiere, which is the grade for 16 years olds (like Junior year) and when I emailed them and asked to be switched to Terminale (Senior year) they said it wasnt possible because it was determined by level not age. Anyway, I wasn't too stoked about being in the same grade as 16 year olds so when Patrice and I went to register today I asked again if it was possible and this time they were very nice and let me switch! :) im very happy now! Also, at first they had me in spanish class for some unknown reason, but I got out of that too! Ask and you shall recieve :)
Registering today was really cool because I got a tour of the school and got my schedule! I was really surprised when I saw inside the school because it was sooo bare. The hallways are pure white and there arent any posters or pictures or murals anywhere haha. Its like a hospital or psych ward haha. but oh well! school is school i guess. In France, the students are split up into different groups depending on their interests. There are three groups- Economique et Sociales (ES), Sciences (S), and Litteraire (L). I am in Terminale ES, which means I don't have to take any science classes or reading classes :) woooohooo!
Okay, here is my schedule :) each day has different classes at different times for different lengths haha .

Monday 8:15am until 5:15pm-- English (tres bien!), Math (I dont know what level), History, Lunch(one hour), Math(again!), Economique et Sociale(not sure what this class entails :S), Break (one hour- this might be filled with a French as a second language class), Philosophie

Tuesday 9:10am until 4:20pm-- Government (i think), History, Lunch(one hour), Economique et Sociale, Philosophie

Wednesday 8:15am until 1:05pm-- History (for some reason this whole class is in English!), Economique et Sociale, Math, English, and then Optional Theater (its optional because the French have Wednesday afternoons off so they can play sports or in my case do theater! If i do theater I will be done at 4:20)

Thursday (awesome day because I only have two classes!)- Philosophie from 10:20-11:15 and then History at 3:25-4:20. My French class will probably be added somewhere in here too.

Friday 8:15am until 5:15pm-- English, Break(one hour), English (again!), Economique et Sociales, History, Lunch (3 hours! haha either filled with a study hall or a French class or maybe i'll just have a super long lunch!), English (again!!!! 3x in one day. this is because I got out of taking Spanish... now those slots are filled with English)

And then I lucked out because normally French students have classes Saturday morning, but since I'm in Terminale now Saturdays mornings are used to practice for the bac (the huge test at the end of the year that decides if you graduate or not!) and since I don't have to take it im off the hook! :) whew.

After I registered for school, I filled out and mailed the form I need to get a French ID card (i think haha). My first time filling out a French envelope! :) and then Patrice and I went to the city hall to get my bus card and then to the post office to send my letter. It was fun :) Oh and I watched most of La Belle et Le Bete (Beauty and the Beast) and then I watched Little Miss Sunshine in French with my host mom :) It was a good day!

Oh French update- at the school today I understood a lot of what they told me, not all but a significant amount :) and when i met some of our neighbors I understood most of what they told me! yayyyy!

Okay well this was a really long post haha. my fingers hurt...


my agenda book from school-
haha I wasn't allowed to smile in this picture!!!! I felt very French since they rarely smile in photos, but I also felt like I was getting my mug shot taken.... This picture is for my school ID and for my bus ID...The city hall of Vaires Sur Marnemy first French envelope!


  1. OMG Em this is so cool I love your agenda book and photo!

  2. PS Finally a decluttered school! LOVE IT!

  3. Hi Em! That is so fun to learn about your school. I love the differences from the U.S. just by your registering! It will be so fun to learn more about your school as the year goes on. I feel like I'm on a travel adventure too. This is so fun for even me!

    Love the pic. You are still beautiful - smile or no smile!

    xoxoxo Auntie Jen

  4. Your are so lucky !! You don't have classe SAturday morning.
    Good luck for you first day in school tomorow.
    I think you are with my friend, they are very nice