September 1, 2010

le super marche

Ahh le super marche! The Gabelotauds (my 2nd host family) are coming over for dinner tonight so I went with my host parents to the super market to get groceries. It was really fun to see all the different foods and such! They have a much bigger cheese section, alcohol section, and bread section in super markets here, but what did you expect? They have pink wine here! I had no idea that existed haha. Also, I got a few school supplies- a notebook, a few pens, white-out. I learned that the French don't use lined paper for school, only graph paper and the students have to do all their homework in pen!!!! I couldn't believe this because in the US we are taught never to do our math homework (or any homework for that matter) in pen. That will take some getting used to. Especially since I am going to be writing in French.... oh mon dieu! After our trip to the grocery store we had delicious paninis for lunch :) You buy semi-cooked dough thats shaped like paninis and then fill it with meat, cheese, and tomatoes, and then grill them! ahh soooo yummy :) I dont know if I said this in a different post but lunch and dinner go like this ----- Eat your main course (meat, salade, bread), clear the plates, get out smaller plates, eat your bread and cheese course, and then after those two you eat dessert (yogurt, fruit, pudding, carmel cremes, or chocolat). Its awesome :))))) I have learned to save room for the other 2 courses because the 1st day I wasnt expecting it. Anyway, after lunch I helped Patrice make appetizers for tonight. (Mom and Dad, you will be happy to know that I made guacamole!)
Random Observation---- the movie The Hangover is called A Very Bad Trip. hahaha I got a kick out of that.
Okay, well i better go help more with dinner.
Au Revoir!

In the wine section of le super marche----
Le Super Marche----


  1. wow i am amazed that you help your FRENCH PARENTS in the kitchen! just kidding :)

  2. it is so nice of Lasserres to have your second host family over for dinner. Nice idea. Maybe we will do that for Jean Tharotte.

  3. ah this is soo fun for me!!! Thank you Em for another great blog post! Are you drinking wine with dinner???? :)

  4. this reminds me of foux de fa fa


  5. Hi Em. Dad here. I'm set up with my own personal email to view your blog but haven't figured out how to get into it yet from home.
    Sounds like you are having a blast and i was encouraged to hear that you are picking up the local lingo.