September 20, 2010

lundi, lundi, lundi

it was a little difficult to wake up this morning which was understandable since I didn't get much sleep this weekend haha. but it turned out to be a pretty good day. I had my first French class which I really like so far. my prof seems nice :) He is from Africa and moved here either when he was 9 or 9 years ago (thats my French for ya!). But he told us that became fluent in just 3 months! so theres still hope!!!! :) he gave up a lot of pointers and also asked us what are difficulties are so he can tailor his lessons for us. I thought that was really nice of him:) I'm really looking forward to that class.
Oh- this is random, but I also learned that no one in my host family has tried a peanut-butter and jelly sandwhich!!!! I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since they don't eat peanut-butter, but I still thought it was crazy since pb&js are pretty much a staple food in America. I'm going to have to make them one even though they thought it sounded weird when I was explaining it to them. :) i love culutral differences. okay, well anyway I'm tired so off to bed! night!


  1. I didn't know you know how to make a pb and j?

    haha LOL