September 19, 2010


il a été une belle journée. First, Disneyland Paris and then a fun dinner chez Gabelotauds.

I absolutely loved Disney today. It was so much fun!!!! it truely is the 'happiest place on earth.' I felt like a little kid taking pictures with the characters and riding the children rides in the Magic Kingdom, but I didn't care! And it was perfect because Jack, the other exchange student I went with, loved it all too :) But we also went on the awesome rides like the Tower of Terror, Space Mountain (which was way better here than the one in the US), and the Rockin' Rollercoaster (which was better in the US, so there are pros and cons of each). We got really lucky too because when we went to the Rockin' Rollercoaster it was just reopening after maintenance and the line was only 20 minutes long rather than the 80 minutes it was when we checked before! And we got fast passes for the Tower of Terror so there was too much waiting in line. Not too shabby for the weekend crowd! It was really crazy go to Disneyland in another country because it looked exactly the same except for some really minor differences, so I kept forgetting that I was still in France and not Flordia! The really funny thing was hearing Mickey speak French during one of the shows :) but for some odd reason Minnie still spoke English. It was like they couldn't decide what language to use for everything so they just used both.

Well anyway, after Disneyland we went to my 2nd host family's house for dinner. It was really nice :) Oh and I got to meet Milton, the other foreign exchange student in Chelles. He's from Mexico. He doesn't speak French, but he speaks a little English so sometimes I would have to help translate which was difficult for me because I would have to switch gears a lot haha. It was hilarious when my host dad wanted me to ask Milton if he liked to ski and after I got his response I turned to my host dad and accidentally said "He doesn't know how to ski, but he would like to try" in English. hahahaha. I even repeated it again in English because I thought his confused face was because he didn't hear me, not becasue he didn't understand English. Sooo funny haha. Its crazy going from language to language.

but anyway, after such a fantastic weekend, I need sleep!

au revoir :)


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