September 14, 2010

je suis fatigue!

haha "je suis fatigue" --- story of my tuesdays! I had all my difficult classes today, but luckily I got out of history and didn't have to go to one hour of economics so it wasnt too bad! During history I met with my counselar and figured out when I could take the french classes. I now have 3 hours a week of French. that should be helpful :) and I didnt know this but my 5th hour of economics is only every other week! thank goodness!!!! Also, I don't have my 2nd english class anymore! the teacher thought it was pointless so I don't have to go :) yay! that means on fridays i get to sleep in. Afterschool today I did my homework- History Anglais and math so I could actually understand it! and then for dinner we had lasagna and bread and salad. it was delicious :) oh and of course we had fromage and dessert! yumyum :) oh and I just got done watching Desperate Housewives with my host mom. It was fun to watch in French. and France is behind by a season so I actually could understand what was going on since I've seen it before. So that was nice.
Random Observation----- When the radio or TV plays American music (which is all the time!) they never bleep out the swear words! Well, I guess most of the French people don't know that they are swear words but it still catches me off guard when I randomly hear the F-word coming from the TV!!!! its crazy! ha. Also, today at school a boy was wearing a shirt that said "I like sex, it's nice." I couldn't believe he was actually allowed to wear that! Maybe the administraters didn't understand it? but I would think that they would because the french word is spelled the same.... haha anyway I thought that was a pretty interesting oberservation.
Alors, je suis fatigue ;)!
bonne nuit!!!!

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  1. with all that love of food, I wonder whose daughter you are?