September 13, 2010

Day 20 of my exchange!

today was just another day at Lycee Bachelard haha. nothing too significant happened today... Oh in economics we turned in our homework from the other day and it was hilarious because my was about 3 sentences and everyone else's what a page and a half! I had no idea that it was that intense of an assignment! haha. the other students got a good kick out of that ;).
Its really funny when the other kids at school find out that I'm american because they love to use their english and so they always say crazy stuff to me :) One boy really loves using his own form of pick up lines---Friday he came up to me and said "My love for you is underground." haha he meant super grand but i thought it was hilarious :) and then today he told me "You're smile is like the chewing gum commercials." hahaha.
After school today i finished my rotary presentation and practiced it with my host family, so Im glad I got that all finished! oh and I attempted my econ homework but wasnt very successful...
Anyway, I took pictures of the school today but Im too lazy to post them right now so Ill get those up later. Plus tomorrow is my hard day so I need sleep!


  1. Em, I just deleted my entire post by accident! So much for the rookie move. I wrote a great post too! Oh well, I will have to start commenting more frequently. I have read all your writing and feel like I am up to speed. Please tell you host family thank you for taking such good care of you for us! You are on an amazing adventure and sounds like you are getting more comfortable by the day. I look forward to hear more. I must go now and purchase some Nutella. I have to find out what I am missing! Love you!

  2. hey steve ashley hilton told us it comes in a 2 pack at Costco!

  3. BTW, Uncle Steve: are you proud that you started all this Rotary stuff in our family?!

    The Park-Williams fam will be forever grateful to you!