September 2, 2010

Rentree Scholaire 2010

Ahhh. I am extremely tired after my first day of school! Well i didnt have any classes today but I met a ton of people and got my books and met 2 of my teachers. Anyway, overall the day was really really good :) People were very nice to me and one of Baptiste's friends, Emilie, introduced me to all of her friends, so i have a lot of acquaintances now who could become friends :) I probably did the "bise" (kiss on each cheek) over 50 times today haha. Its crazy how much people faire la bise here! I couldn't believe it. Even if you walk up to a big group of you friends, you still fair la bise each one. I think its really fun because you acknowledge everyone individually rather than in the US were you might just say "hi everyone!" :) A few of the girls got my phone number and said they would text me tomorrow if they do anything so hopefully they do! haha. Oh another thing is that a ton of the teenagers here smoke. Right outside of the school too! Its crazy. It doesnt seem like they are pressured to do it though. I got asked a few times "Tu fumes?" (do you smoke?) and when I said no they didnt seem surprised at all so its not like everyone smokes :) They asked me really funny questions about the United States too. I got asked about the "pom pom girls" (cheerleaders) because they dont have them here and about the size of American cars (because all the cars here are tiny! I have yet to see a car the size of my Explorer at home) and about our school schedule and the age you can start driving (they were shocked when I told them 15 haha)... It was fun :) oh and another thing I noticed is how much the French listen to American music! it kind of caught me off guard at first because I was sitting at a restaurant with Amandine and her friends a few days ago and "Still" by Dr Dre started playing. haha Now i notice that the radio plays mostly american songs and the teenagers have mostly american songs on their iPods. I have to admit that its kind of nice to hear some English here and there ;) Anyway, Im really really tired so im off to bed!
A demain,

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