September 24, 2010


mom, don't be too jealous, but i found out that my 2 hour french class on fridays isn't actually a french class- its a calligraphy class!!!! it was so fun :) my prof is really really nice and everyone in my class is from another country so she talks really slow for us and is really hands on. Today we practiced writing our names with a font called "Caroline". We get to use these bamboo pens that we dip in ink. i really really like it :) Next week she said we were going to start on capital letters so that should be fun too!
And the rest of the day went well too. Fridays are really easy now that im done with school at 1! After school today I went with Nina, one of my friends from school, to the mall thats right next to my lycee and ate lunch. it was fun. I have become so grateful for even the littlest invitations! i just like to do things!
Anyway, after lunch I had to go and get a doctor's physical so that i can be in the rock climbing club. The doctor was very nice and the appointment was super quick.
And after that I played a little guitar hero haha and then made some guacamole because we are having a family over for dinner tonight. I think it will be fun :) they have a son who is in my grade (he's Baptistes's best friend) and he is really nice.
Welp, thats all folks!


  1. Wow that is so cool about the calligraphy! Gramma Annette will be interested in that too. Also I am happy for you that you went to lunch with Nina! It is nice of her to reach out to you.

    luv ya Em

  2. I LOVE calligraphy. I took a bundh of classes years ago. One from a true expert!!! Enjoy