September 17, 2010

rotary presentation-

so, today I had to give a presentation to the Rotary Club of Chelles about myself, my family, the USA, Idaho, and Twin Falls. Oh and did I mention it was all in French?!?! haha overall I think it went pretty well (besides the fact that when I was introducing my family I accidentally said John was 40 insead of 14 haha but they corrected me haha) It was really fun because the meeting was over dinner so I got to eat at my first French restaurant. It was really yummy :) I forgot how many different courses there were though! First appetizers and drinks, then we sat down and had cantelope, salad, and some kind of cold cut meat. After that the plates were cleared and we were served our plat principal of steak, potatoes, and vegatables. Then after that the plates were cleared again and we had our cheese course (Brie!). And then finally dessert, which was a really yummy pie (I think) with rhubarb and meringue. Its a good thing I didn't get completely full after the first course! I learned while living here that when in doubt, save room for more food ;) since what you think is the end isnt really the end.
Anyway school went well today also. I started at 10am so that was nice and I had my PE class which was pretty fun. my first sport is athletism (track and field) and the event I chose was running. I was the only girl.... haha but the boys were impressed with my time for the 500m we ran so I felt pretty cool ;) I haven't completely gotten out of shape, thank goodness!
Still have a bit of a cold... but its not too bad.
Well, its super late and school's tomorrow.
A demain!

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  1. How fun Emily! Sounds like you did great! And to be the only girl in track and hold your own. You amaze me every day. I inspire to have your confidence!

    Love you - mucho grande . Oh darn thats in spanish.


    Auntie Jennie