September 29, 2010

just another day in france.

It's still surreal that I'm actually living here--- but anyway, today was pretty much the same as last Wednesday. School, lunch, rock-climbing, errands, tv, dinner, blog. haha thats the short version :)
So, on wednesdays I have my history in english class which you think would be super easy for me, but unfortunetly I'm terrible at history and during high school I just memorized everything before the test and now have forgotten it all, so its actually kind of challenging! The teacher doesnt actually teach the history- its more of a class to prepare the students for the Optional European part of the bac where they recieve documents that they have to analyse and then talk about in English for 10 minutes. So, the teacher basically just gives us a document and either has us write an essay or an outline for a speech. Writing an essay or giving a speech in English is of course easy, but writing an essay or giving a speech on a historical event that you don't remember much about is not haha. Today we had a political cartoon that was of two guys fighting. One said East of its shirt and the other said West... We were given the date of cartoon and there were a few other details in the cartoon, but not enough for me to get that it was representing the "Iron Curtain"!!! haha and even after I found out that it was about the Iron Curtain I didn't remember much about it so yea...... oh well, ce n'est pas grave :) since my grades don't count!
Wow, that was a long rant about my history class haha.
Rock climbing today was fun! I learned how to attach the rope to the wall while I'm climbing, so I felt really cool :) I've always wanted to learn that. There are some really good climbers in the club so it inspires me. I'm excited to have a whole year to improve my climbing.
For dinner tonight we had la nourriture chinoise. It was good :)
tommorrow my classes don't start until 12:20. I'm so excited to sleep in.

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