September 12, 2010


oh how I love saturdays! sleeping in today was soooo nice. I feel rested for the first time this week! For breakfast I had a smoothie and toast with Nutella. I could honestly live off Nutella. Well, Nutella and French cheese. :) oh how i love them. soooo delicious. Its crazy how much I look forward to meals here. I love waking up because I know I get to have Nutella for breakfast, I love lunch becasue I know I get to eat fromage, and I love dinner because I know that I get to eat a delicious dessert after. I haven't disliked anything that I've eatten so far! Boy do the French know how to eat. But they never over eat I've noticed. Its a good habit to have- they stop eathing because they are stuffed.
Anyway, after breakfast I went to the bank with Patrice and I opened up a french bank account! I can't believe I am going to be living here long enough to have a bank account. Crazy to think about. After the bank, Isabelle taught me how to play Chinese Checkers which was fun! I've always wanted to know how to play it! Plus, I'm proud of myself for being able to understand her french instructions! :)
At around 4ish, I went to Paris with the same girls as last weekend aka my first french friends ;) haha. It was fun! How could Paris not be fun? We didn't much sight seeing in today because we weren't there very long, but I got to see the Centre Pompidou and the Forum des Halles (a really cool shopping mall). We just sort of just meandered around the quartier and watched a lot of the street performers. I love big cities because even just walking around is entertaining! I am really grateful that the girls invite me to do things on the weekends! They are really helping me integrate myself. :) The language barrier is still really difficult for me to work through! Its hard when I'm with them, or any group of French people because I feel a little bit like an outsider since I can't understand most of the conversation. Its kind of awkward at times because they will be talking and then start laughing really hard and I have no idea whats going on so I end up being the only one not laughing... But I realize this is just a part of being a foreign exchange student! I just need to give it time :)
Anywho, after my evening in Paris, I came home and started working on the presentation I have to give to my Rotary club here. I have to talk about the USA, Idaho, Twin Falls, my family, my school, and other things about me--- ALL in French. ohh boy. haha I'm a little nervous! Hopefully they can kind of understand what I'm saying despite my dreadful accent haha. The powerpoint is coming a long nicely though! so thats good.
You will never guess what time we ate dinner tonight... 9:00pm! haha isn't that funny? (Mom, I told my host family that sometime you like to eat dinner at 5:30pm and they couldn't believe it) I don't mind it because we usually eat a little afternoon snack so its perfect! The only problem is I don't usually very long after dinner before I go to bed haha. I get tired really easily here. But I think thats normal for exchange students.
Welp, I guess thats about it for the day! :)
Centre Pompidou- I'm not quite sure why, but there were a lot of people dressed like fruit walking around- Street art out of chalk-yummy! patisserie-


  1. wow em it is amazing that while we were having a not so exciting day in TF Idaho, you were spending a few hours in PARIS!

    It is so cool that you are close enough to go to Paris for a few hours. It is not that big of a deal to drop by on the weekend? WOW how lucky you are. That is the best way to experience France in my opinion.

    I am proud of you for not giving up because everyone in the group is laughing but you. You must be good at not taking stuff personally and giving yourself a break for not being fluent yet.

    Keep enjoying every moment.


  2. Hi Emily -

    A little jaunt to Paris? OMG that sounds amazing.

    I think I'm going to go buy some nutella. I've never had it and if you love it it really sounds like I should try it!

    Its Sunday morning here. About to go on a run. Yesterday Steve and I went to Art in the park at Julie Davis Park. Tons of people. I found some things that I loved but they cost over $3000 so didn't buy.

    As I think I told you Meg had her dance Friday night and her friends came over to our house before and then Saturday Ashley went to her Toga dance. We had about 8 of Ashley's friends over for some more - guess what? - PIZZZA. You'd think I could get more creative but oh well, they seemed to like it.

    Also, Steve and I watched about 3 college football games on ESPN. Man, I love football in the fall. Today, Sunday NFL! Did you know your auntie loves football in the fall watching it. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

    Today we have a bbq over at Lloyd and Phyllis.

    Pretty boring stuff I'm telling you over what you are doing but hey thought you might like to know what's going on in little ol' Boise, Idaho. Hee Hee.

    Till your next blog entry... (can't wait!)

    Auntie Jen