September 8, 2010

2 weeks since departure!

I have officially been away from home for 2 weeks now! I think its a new record... Its so crazy that its already been that long. Its going really fast now that school has started and my days are occupied! I miss everyone a lot, but I'm loving it here too :) learning a ton each day. Today was a much easier day at school than yesterday. I had Histoire/Geographie Anglais this morning which I found really helpful because now I'll be able to follow along better in my other Histoire class (Francais). I was told that my teacher was going to have a really bad accent, but it was fine. Its funny because they take British english here so they learn a different accent. Probably shouldnt help my friends with pronunciation! haha. Also, my teacher told me to make sure and tell him if he makes any mistakes hah. I doubt he will, but its pretty cool that I can help if he needs it! And for once I could answer some of the questions he asked the class! Too bad I suck at history though.... Anyway I also had math today :) And I answered a question!!!! it was easy but i was proud of myself for 1. knowing what he asked, 2. knowing the answer, 3. knowing how to say the answer in French :) progress! haha. whoot whoot. We are reviewing limits right now (which I love!), but im nervous that I might not understand once we stop reviewing and start learning new stuff. Hopefully its all stuff I did last year :)
Oh, today it rained sooooo much! It was ridiculous. I got absolutely drenched waiting for the bus. But oh well :) Oh and I made cookies! haha chocolate chip. I didn't have the exact ingredients for the american recipe, but I made what i had work and they turned out okay :) definitely nothing like Albertson's cookies (which I miss a ton!!!!) but my family liked them so thats good! Im pretty sure this was the first batch of chocolate chip cookies I have ever made haha. how funny! I love not having the stress of school and homework because it seems like I have all the time in the world !
Today for dinner we had Croque Monsieurs ! :) yum yum yum yum. I absolutely loved it. delicious. Its funny how much I look forward to meals here. I can't get enough of the cheese and bread... and having dessert for both lunch and dinner every day is pretty nice too! Gotta start gaining those kilos hahaha.
One thing that I find really funny is that back in the states I was obsessed with the French. If I heard someone speaking French I would get so excited and then just sit and eavesdrop on the conversation. Also, I would try to find books and movies in French everywhere I went, but they were all really expensive.... But now, I am completely surrounded by the language. Its surreal. I can't believe that I get to listen to people speak French all day long and that I have a whole bookshelf filled with books in French (I have the whole harry potter series in my room!). What an amazing experience....
well, bisous!


  1. This for sure is the longest I have gone without seeing you Em but my heart is happy because it seems like you are doing your best to adjust to a whole new culture---and that is not easy! I am proud of you.

    love mom

  2. ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(proud of you)

    Hey Em - when you have a chance can we see a pic of a typical classroom?

  3. you should be a math major you nerddddddd!