September 28, 2010

cutting and glueing...

my french class is really funny---it makes me feel like such a little kid! first off, my teacher looks exactly how you would picture a kindergarten teacher. :) She wears really bright colors, overalls, and homemade jewelry. haha and today, in order to review prepositions, we drew a picture of a bedroom and cut out little pieces of furniture and then she would tell us in french where in the room to glue the different items. I sure didn't feel like I was 18, but it was still fun :) and actually pretty helpful. I like that class because she talks really slowly and makes sure to explain everything in way that we can understand. I have 2 different French classes on tuesdays- my morning one is a little more difficult because its with kids who have immigrated to France and who have to take the bac (the huge exam the french take to get their diplomas), so the class is geared towards preparing them for that. Today we were given a political cartoon and we had to describe and analyse it. It was pretty challenging... But my afternoon class is geared towards just learning French (conversational and written) so that is when we do activities like cutting and glueing and drawing. haha.
But anyway- I am pretty tired. Grosses Bises!

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