September 5, 2010


This morning I had a district rotary meeting where I got to meet all the inbound students (like me! just starting their exchanges) in my district and all the rebound students (French students who just finished their exchanges). It was really cool! All the inbound students in my district can speak english better than they can speak french so there was a lot of english used today. There are a lot of other americans in my district...but even the students from mexico and south america and the one from germany could speak more english than french. haha we all have a LOOOOONG way to go ;) but after today I feel a little bit more confident about my french because I saw that I was a little better off than some of the others so that was encouraging :) Also, talking with the rebounds was fun because they told me all about their exchanges and it made me really excited for the upcoming year :) Anyway after the rotary meeting, Patrice, Isabelle and I went to this crazy garage sale type thing that happens once a year in Vaires. I hadnt seen anything like it. I would say its like a farmer's market but its not haha. Anyone in the town who wants to can set up and table and put out all the stuff they want to sell. It was like going to 200 garage sales. They were just lining the streets. It was really cool. Also, there were booths that showed the different clubs you can join in the town and other things like that....But my classes start tomorrow so I better get some rest!
xoxo, em

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