September 10, 2010

c'est le weekend!

Whew. I made it through my first week of french school. Boy oh boy am I glad its the weekend. I get to sleep! yay! This week wore me out! My brain was working in overtime.
Anyway, today was a good day :) I had a three hour break this afternoon haha. So I ate lunch for the first hour, wrote in my journal the 2nd hour (for the entire hour haha! its a nice outlet because i can say exactly what i want to.) then the 3rd hour I hung out with friends. Super easy day :) After school today I did my first French homework! I have a few math problems due monday and then I have to answer some questions for economics. The math was super easy, but the economics not so much haha. I didn't understand it so I just did the best i could. Its funny doing homework that doesnt count for anything! Im pretty sure my responses to the economics questions sound like a child but oh well :) After that all my new French grandparents came over for appetizers and drinks. It was really fun. they are all very nice! However, I ate wayyy to much! haha. but Im super tired so I'm off to bed! goodnight!


  1. Nighty Night Em. Its 4:00 on Friday afternoon. Ashley is going to the varisty football game and Mego is having about 5 friends over before her first dance of the year. I'm serving - you guessed it- pizza. Whats new huh? Its 80ish today. Yesterday was colder and I was really happy for the cold. I'm ready for fall! Oh, yeah your mom and I sent out our mailers for Refresh. We've had some great response on the logo and what we are trying to accomplish now just hoping that we get some business.

    Well, thats all the news I have. Love you tons! Auntie Jen

  2. glad you are having good days Em. Nice you could meet the grandparents too.

  3. One of my daily highlights is reading your blog. It is really fun to see what you are doing, feeling, and coping with. Today is Saturday and Toby, Brittney, and I went for our morning walk. Grampa went to the golf course. He's playing in a 2 day tournament. It is sunny and about 67ish. I read for awhile on the deck in the sun. I'm now off to the gym to work out. I'm glad you met the grandparents---they are VERY important people!!!!
    Enjoy your day. I love you. Gramma