September 17, 2010


Vendredi is a fabulous day :) i love them and im going to start loving them even more now that i recieved a new emploi du temps (schedule) and starting next Friday I only have 3 hours of class :) i was extremely happy to find this out. Anyway, today i helped my english teacher spell a word which was fun. I appreciate the little moments throughout the day when I feel smart because they are few haha. I have noticed that I have started talking a little bit more which is good! slowly but surely making improvements. the kids at school are really helpful too. each day at lunch they teach me the french word for anything on my tray that I don't know. Plus, they like to learn the english words so its good for all of us!
School went well today. I had English first and then had an hour break where I went to the library for a bit and wrote in my journal and then spent the rest of the hour outside, talking with Emilie (one of Baptiste's friends who I really like. She really tries to engage me in conversation which I appreciate a lot!). Then I had economics and history which were fine haha.... nothing too special... Oh lunch today was a little weird--- it was a plate of some sort of grain with a curry like sauce. No meat or anything haha. There was also fruit and bread. Not my favorite meal so far, but still not too bad. I was pleasantly surprised by the food at the cantine (cafeteria) Everyone told me it was really bad, but its not. I think I like it because the food is a lot different from what you get served in the USA....
Oh, so I don't know if I already said this but Sunday I get to do to Disneyland Paris! I am sooo excited- especially because one of my friends was telling me today all the different rides and they have the Rockin Rollercoaster here!!!!!!! I can't wait. (Kt et John- i'll ride it a lot of times for you! don't be too jealous...) I am going with another american exchange student who lives in Paris. I hope he loves disneyland as much as I do because I am going to want to do everthing! haha I think it will be really interesting to have it all be in French. especially having the characters talk in French... hah that will be different.

Well, A bientot!

oh and here are some pictures of my school!
I had to hurry and take this picture while the prof was out of the class because the profs are soo strict here! notice how there are no pictures or posters or colors for that matter! Its not aesthetically pleasing, but I think it helps keep the students focused so thats a good.

outside of batiment D -

The hospital-like halls- haha

oh, and just for you mom- a picture of one of my friends notes :)


  1. you know I LOVE the clean school. Love the NO CLUTTER. Kids can actually concentrate on what is in front of them and THANK YOU FOR letting us see the cool french notes. Love how they use different colors and make them so neat. I would be right at home making my notes look cool like that!

  2. Love this. I want to go to school there!