September 25, 2010

la champagne

today I spent the day touring one of the many places in France where champagne is made. I went with a few Rotarians, Milton (the other exchange student), Nicolas (my 2nd host dad), et Patrice. It was really interesting and really beautiful! We were in the Champagne-Ardenne region which is just east of Île-de-France (my region). there were miles and miles of vineyards with cute little villages tucked in between :) It was about a two hour drive, but it went super fast for me since I slept pretty much the entire way there and back.... but whats new? haha. Last night, the dinner with the Galphins was really fun. I really like them :) We got finished eating dinner at midnight! its that funny? that was definitely something new for me. But thats probably why I slept the entire drive to la Champagne. haha Its a little chilly today with rain, but not too bad. During the tour we got to see how the different stages of fermentation and how they seal and decorate the bottles. and we got to try a glass too :) it was really cool to see the process. Oh and after our tour we went out to eat lunch and I had a delicious Croque Monsieur :) and Crème Caramel for dessert. it was like tasting heaven. thats the only way to describe it...

:) bisous!

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