September 1, 2010

Apres le diner :)

What a delicious and fun dinner! The Gabelotauds are so fun and outgoing. I really like being around them :) Plus, I understood some of the conversation! woo hoo :) Ohhh and I had my first glass of French wine---- le vine rosee (its pink!) and my first glass of cremant d'alsace (just for you Jean!) Oh, but dont worry parents--- they were very small glasses! For dinner we had pizza that we made and green beans and salad. For dessert we had a really yummy fresh fruit salad. It was a very nice dinner. Anyway, tomorrow is my first day of school! Well, I dont have classes but I meet my teachers and find out what supplies I need and such.... all the students will be there.... Im scared!!!!! haha but today Patrice introduced me to one of Baptiste's friends, another Emilie, and she is going to come over and go to the bus with me haha :) I dont have to go until 1:20 so thats nice :) Anyway, school's tomorrow so I better get a good night's rest!

Oh, but before that a few other things I noticed--- Wedding rings (of course, because im obsessed with looking at peoples wedding rings) The women here, well that I have seen so far, don't have big flashy wedding rings. No diamonds, just a gold band...
Also, to set straight the infamous sterotype---Woman and girls here do shave their armpits and their legs haha :) Just like I thought.
Oh and my mistake of the week--- When i went shopping with Amandine I thought that I bought body lotion but turns out its a body wash for the shower! haha It was in the same type of bottle that lotion comes in here and it was cheaper than the lotion that Amandine showed me so I thought hey what a good deal!!! My leg is all sticky now because I tried to use it like id use lotion ha. . . oh well! And one last thing--- The French accent really caught me off guard at first, but I'm finally starting to get used to the way they pronounce English words, cities, and names! haha when i tell people where I'm from I have to say eeee-daho in order for them to understand... Also, it took me awhile to understand who George Clooney was because when my host mom said it it sounded like Josh Cloonay. :) Oh and when I was on the RER with Amandine, Claire, and Emilie, Claire asked if I'd been to A-why and it wasnt until she spelled it for me that I realized she was asking about Hawaii :) I really love the accent. I need to start working on mine haha.
anyway, this turned into a lot longer post than I intended!
Grosses Bises,


  1. so glad you have met your other host family and I wish I could have been at this nice dinner. I might be asleep when you go to school but will think of you when I wake up!