September 22, 2010

faire de l'escalade

so today i joined the rock climbing club of my town :) haha they meet wednesday afternoons for 2 hours. We actually started climbing today too so that was fun! I learned how to work the ropes and tie the knots and all that jazz. Hopefully I'm not too sore tomorrow because I went up the wall quite a bit today and Im out of shape haha. The prof in charge of the club was really nice and made sure to explain everything really slowly to me :) I think it will be a really fun activity for wednesdays since I don't have school.
oh and guess what I had for dinner? Eggs and toast! isnt that funny? I told my host family that we were eating a truely american breakfast ;) The french don't eat eggs for breakfast, only lunch or dinner... this includes omelets and everything! But Patrice asked me if one of these days I would make a true american breakfast, so it should be fun for them to try haha. Also, for dessert we had a yummy tarte aux pommes that Patrice made. delicious :)
anyway, all is well over here in France! :)


  1. OMG! now I have to worry about you rock climbing?! It is not enuf that you are living in a foreign country for a year? now you have to rock climb? OOOH LA LA!

  2. HI Emi. Proud of you.

    Today I had dental surgery for gum recession and a thing called resorption. Resorption is rare - where cells attack your tooth root and don't stop. (normally they stop)

    So they had to go in and try to stop it. weird problem to have. My front bottom tooth

    Uncle Steve has been really nice helping me.

    Ashley is completley absorbed in getting ready for homecoming. Now she says the "groups" are not getting along meaning trying to figure out who to go with etc etc. Sound familiar?

    Well, love you em. Proud of you trying rock climbing. BE CAREFUL!

    xoxoxo Auntie Jen

  3. Hi Em. i am just catching up on your blog. Fun! I took Earl to Dad's weekend and we had fun with Katie. The Vandals won handily and I got to meet Jack's parents. They are alot of fun.
    Sounds like you are doing well and having a fun time. that is good. I am glad you are making the most of it.

  4. Hi Em.
    Wow, sounds like you are having a wonderful experience. Matthew would be proud of the rock climbing.
    Grampa and I leave Sunday for Italy. Wish we could take a side trip and meet up with you but it didn't work out. We're excited about the trip.amm
    Do you want the buttermilk oatmeal pancake recipe for your American breakfast????? Will you make scrambled eggs or sunny side up???
    Love you lots. Gramma