September 7, 2010

oh la la!

School today was crazy! oh mon dieu... I had 5 hours of my economic class throughout the day! 5 hours!!!!! It was so hard because I couldn't understand what was going on and my brain was working in double time trying to translate. On top of the 5 hours of economics, I had history and philosophie... Haha lets just say that tuesdays aren't my easiest day by any means. I got a head ache during my last class, probably from a mixture of exhaustion and from eating a lot of candy throughout the day hah. But it wasn't a terrible day. I still learned a lot. My friends were making fun of me today for my accent haha. I can't say r's the way the French do so they were asking me to say all these hard words with r's in them haha. My accent was terrible! But then I got back at them by making them say words with that have the "th" sound :) They couldn't say "through" hahaha. also, they have problems with our "r" sound. I loved hearing them try to say "boring" :) Ahhh language is funny... Oh, today was pretty interesting because it was a national strike! 80% of the metros were closed because the operators were marching in the strike and our school cafeteria was closed too! I thought that was so crazy that its a nation wide thing! Im not sure about the details of it, but it had to do with the Union because upset about a decision Sarkozy made dealing with pension for retirement... I think haha...
But anyway, Im exhausted! so off to bed :)
xoxo em


  1. glad you had a good day! sounds like you are immersed in the French language and culture! Those "r" sounds will come fast if you are hearing French spoken for 5 hours plus!

    Today was Jean and John's first day of high school. I will be happy to hear how it went for both of them. They were both nervous.

    Bonne Chance a toi!

  2. Hi Em. Just catching up on you blogs since I was traveling last week and go again today (Chicago last week and Dallas today).
    Hopefully, we can skype you soon.