September 26, 2010

my official first month!

goodness, i cannot believe i have been in France for a month already! le temps passe vite! I suppose I'll stay the rest of my exchange ;) I think le fromage made that decision for me! I have already learned a ton, but i still have a loooong way to go. Some days I understand a lot and really feel like i'm getting the hang of it, but then other days I feel completely lost and say "Je n'ai pas compris" about a gazillion times. haha but thats just the life of an exchange student i suppose :) the kids here start learning english at around 10 or 11 years old, so when people hear that I've only had 3 years of French they are really impressed by the amount I can speak and comprehend, so that makes me feel good! (I have Mme. Creek to thank for that :) ) I try not to get discouraged on my off-days because I know that its normal when trying to learn a new language...
well, anyway today I went to this event at the school for seeing eye dogs in Chelles with Patrice. they had booths set up and had a demonstration showing what the dogs are trained to do. It was really interesting and the dogs were really cute :). However, il fait froid aujourd'hui (It was really cold today) so I probably would have been able to enjoy it more if I had dressed in warmer clothes! I am in need of a shopping trip for warm clothes... I packed a lot of sweaters and such but no gloves or hats or even a warm coat (oops!). But ill get it taken care of :)
We ate lunch at the event- I had a ham and butter sandwich- isnt that funny? I've never had that before but it was surprisingly good! oh and for dessert I had a beignet avec Nutella :) (i think thats the right name for it haha). and of course it was delicious like every dessert here is.
When we got home, Patrice made me chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) and then started a fire in the fireplace because we were freezing!
Oh something cute I learned today was that cotton candy is called barbe à papa in french which means Dad's beard. haha i thought that was fun :)
okay well i better get to bed!
grosses bises!

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  1. haha why didn't we think to pack you a warm coat:( dang it! lol