September 23, 2010

au revoir, philosophie :)

guess who doesn't have philosophie anymore?! yay me :) haha i went and talked to my counselar since I didn't understand anything in that class and since my prof wanted me to be doing the homework and he told me that i didn't have to go anymore! i was very excited. especially since that means that on thursdays I start at 12:10pm :) whoot whoot! and monday i get out earlier too. ahhh life is good.
Anyway, in history today i had my first test! oh la la. the tests here aren't like american tests... you never have multiple choice or true/false! its all essays. and the french write about a page for each question!!!! haha i just tried my best... there were 4 questions and I only knew 2 so I wrote about a paragraph for each :) not too shabby haha. It will be the first time I get less than a 50% on a test. oh how I love grades that don't count-
Oh today was another grève (strike) so the buses werent running this morning and there were just sack lunches at the cantine (cafeteria). For lunch there was just bread, pâté, cheese, and yogurt... it was weird not having a true main course... and unfortunetly, I didn't like the pâté so I didn't have very much to eat! this was the first thing I have tried here that I didn't like! I just couldn't get past the fact that the meat was spreadable.... but I think I should try it again when its not from the cantine...
anyway--- thats about it for now :)


  1. Em I would like to hop on that direct flight from SLC and be in Chelles in 10 hours and go with you just one day to school! it would be so fun for me. But for now I guess your blog suffices.

  2. Plus I would have eaten the cafeteria pate in France-

  3. Might want to try the pate. It is really good!!!