September 27, 2010

Pirates des Caraïbes

Today I finally got around to watching Pirates des Caraïbes (Pirates of the Caribbean). It was really fun to watch in French and I also learned a few new phrases and such because I have the english version pretty much memorized :) Well, nothing else too special happened today. I had French, History, Math, and Economics. They all went well. It was really hard to wake up this morning though. Its always like this though once the excitement from the new classes wears off haha. Good thing i get to sleep in on thursdays and fridays (and of course saturdays and sundays!) Oh in Economics I got back my graded homework (the homework that I was proud of myself for doing!) and I got a 3.5/5 which the other students in the class told me was really good! Woot Woot! I was really surprised! I think my teacher was probably just trying to be nice, but it was still pretty cool that I got a passing grade :) and then in French we revisited the conjugations of etre and avoir, which was a little bit too easy for me so hopefully we start learning stuff that I don't know yet (theres plenty of it!.... haha). But I just used the time to really try to get the accent down for those words. I have been really trying to listen closely to the pronunciation of each word. The French really love to make their language sound as beautiful as they can, so listening to it all day long is really quite fun :) We'll see with time if I can do the language justice. haha
Oh and for diner today we had this really beautiful dish (i forgot to take a picture! and to ask what it was called...). It looked like a cute little wrapped present! haha (hard to image without a picture, sorry!) but it was like a crepe filled with goat cheese, herbes, and tomatoes. The way it was shaped was really cute.... haha i can't really describe it. but it was delicious :) Well, Im really tired--- my brain's working in overtime! so goodnight!


  1. Now you have my curiosity piqued to hear what you had for dinner. Glad you got the paperwork. Warm coats are showing up here so they must be in Paris also. Have fun looking around for a coat Emily!

  2. Hi Em! How are you?

    Sorry haven't posted for awhile.

    My mouth is very very sore from my dental surgery I told you about.

    But hopefully on the mend.

    Gram and Grampa left to Italy Sunday. We are babysitting Brittey. I took both Brittney and Toby on a run yesterday. That was definitley an experience.

    Ashley had her homecoming. She looked quite beautiful with the dress she borrowed from you. Thanks so much for allowing her to wear it. She had alot of compliments.

    The food sounds delicious and your days so fun. Thank you for including us in your days. Its soooo fun to read. A highlight of your little aunt's day.

    xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxo Auntie Jen