September 30, 2010

île flottante.

Tonight we ate dinner at the restaurant Le Val d'Aoste. It was an italien restaurant, so I had the ravioli au fromage and then l'île flottante for dessert. It was really good :) Ile flottante is a meringue (made from egg whites) with crème anglaise and caramel over it. I love trying all the French desserts :) whats a few extra kilos, right? hahaha.
my dessert---

Anyway, today school went well. I start at noon which was super nice. My first class today I thought was a French class, but it turns out its a type of math class.... Its actually pretty weird because im the only student in the class and im pretty sure its just for helping me with the math that im learning in my actual math class. Its like a tutoring session? But hopefully I can get out of it because I don't need help with the math.... I told my prof that I had already learned everything that my class is learning this year and I told her that I am in France mainly to learn the language, but I don't think she understood that that meant that I didn't want to have this class haha. oh well, ill talk to my actual french professor about it :) After that class I had sport which was fun. I ran pretty well! One crazy guy in the class yelled "Allez, ma petite anglaise!" when I ran by (don't worry I set him straight and told him i was american haha) and then after he asked me about 100 times if i would do his english homework and then said some ridiculious things he knew in english... the things people say to me... oh dear- haha

Well, after sport I had history, which was alright- nothing noteworthy (haha literally actually, I just added to my page of drawings today.) I did catch, however, the words "americanized" and "McDonalds" so I really wish I could fully understand... I do know that he was badmouthing the USA so thats good :)

well im off to bed.



  1. wow what a fancy weeknight dinner!? Was it in Paris? Lasserres are spoiling you, I think! Pour Jean eats chez Park-Williams most nights!

  2. can't wait for you to come back 20 lbs larger...haha

  3. Eat away Emily - with that great 18 year old metabolism you've got it made! Love hearing your stories! xoxoxoxox Auntie Jen