September 19, 2010

ma premiere fête française!

So, its 2am right now and I have to wake up at 8 for disneyland tomorrow so don't expect a long entry ;)
I just got home from ma premiere fête française(my first french party). It was a birthday party for one of my host mom's friends so it was a lot of grown-ups but I still had a lot of fun! there was a dj and karaoke and great food and drinks :) I probably ate my weight in candy haha. There were delicious chocolate marshmellow gummy bear things... yum. oh and these strawberry candies. ah so good. Oh and I sang "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas on karaoke with Amandine and two of the other girls at the party. it was fun :) It was a good night!
Oh and today Isabelle taught me how to play two new french games so that was fun too:)
well goodnight! have to rest up for disneyland!!!!!!!!!

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