September 6, 2010


I thought my head was going to explode today! It was my first day of classes and boy, was it difficult! Well, it started off easy with English :) everyone had to introduce themselves to the class and talk a little bit about themselves in English which wasnt too difficult for me ;) We also had to write a paragraph about ourselves which was funny because everyone around me was asking me for help. After English I had math, which I think could possibly be my favorite course this year depending on how the others go. I was nervous that this math class was going to be stuff I hadnt learned yet, but we had a few problems of review and I understood them all :) annnnd got all of them right ;) I didn't realize how much I missed math until today. Yea I'm a nerd.... The only hard part of the math class is that the notations and vocab are different, but after I get used to that I don't think it will be a problem. Then I had history which was really hard to understand! The teacher talked really fast.... But I got some notes down which was good! Just what he wrote on the board but I think that still counts. If I understood right we are studying the results of WWII. My teacher is really strict and I was scared of him at first, but after class he pulled me aside and asked if I understood and then said that if I needed extra help to just ask and he could try to break it down for me in a way I could understand. I thought that was very nice of him. He was the only teacher to do say that to me. The I had lunch with wasn't bad--- pasta, bread, and fish (I thought it was interesting that they served fish at a school... Id never seen that before!) then this cake thing for dessert. Pretty basic cafeteria food. Then after lunch were some more difficult classes- economiques and philosophie. I dont think I understood one word in either class haha. It was so weird being in class and having no idea what the teacher is saying. Id never experienced that before haha but I have a feeling I might have a few more classes like that!
Tomorrow is a crazy day. Throughout the day I have 4 hours of economics! and 2 hours of Philosophie and 1 hour of history! man oh man... the 3 classes I can't understand at all hahaha :) how funny.
Well better rest up!

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  1. Hi Emily!

    I just got caught up on your 4 posts that I missed. I went to Portland for the weekend with the family so I missed out. I thought about you all weekend though. Its so exciting to hear about your experiences. I love hearing about your school, your meals, your new friends, the sites, the GARAGE SALE. Did you buy anything girl???

    Oh, its so fun Emily for me sitting here on Houston hearing about your Paris experiences.

    Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Auntie Jen