October 1, 2010

mon accent américain ;)

today in history class I finally got to participate! i was so excited :) we are started learning about McCarthyism and the Red Scare today so i can follow along pretty well. But the fun came when my teacher passed out an article about the Red Scare written in English and my whole class said "have Emily read it!...Emily please volunteer to read!" So then of course my teacher asked me to read :) it was fun. After I was finished the people around me told me how pretty it was when I read, which was weird to hear because I am so used to accent i guess. But, I say the same about the french accent! :) Once it the USA, we had a French girl come to our French class and I absolutely loved when she read. I kept having her read paragraphs out of the book because her accent was so pretty! I guess its the same for the students in my class hearing an american accent since they don't hear them often. That was probably the highlight of my day :) Oh and in calligraphie today I was upgraded to using colored ink ;) hahaha. That class is really calming to me. Its a time when I can just clear my head and focus on the art.
I ate lunch at the school today with my friends and I was proud of myself because I could understand the basic gist of what they were saying :)
After school I played a little Wii Fit- tested my fitness age and got 18 years old (whoot whoot!)... didnt do much else!
well, off to bedddd :)
bonne nuit!

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