October 11, 2010

Chantilly, Honfleur, Omaha Beach, une petite viste aux Etats-Unis, Le Mont St. Michel, un coquillage, un hôpital français, et une super week-end

oh là là... where to start! --- i guess the beginning makes the most sense-
This weekend was absolutely amazing :) I did have some bad luck, but other than a few minor incidents it was perfect!
Thursday night all the students in my district met in Chilly chez Luc Mangé (which wasn't a house, it was a mansion.... amazing...). We all just hung out and got to know eachother better and then ate dinner (i got to have some Camenbert cheese!) and went to bed. The next day we had to get up bright and eary so we could get on the road! We all packed into the bus, went and picked up the students from our neighboring district 1660, and then headed to Honfleur, Normandie. We stopped for lunch à Saint Gatiens des Bois and ate in a little cabin which was really fun. After lunch we had a few hours to wander around Honfleur which was was really cute little town on the Seine.

after Honfleur, we took une petite visite aux Etats-Unis (a small trip to the USA) haha. We went to le cimetière de Colleville et Omaha Beach--- one of the beaches the Allies used to invade Germany-occupied France during the Normandie landings on D-day. I was actually in the USA for a few hours because le cimetière de Colleville is considered American territory since it is where all the americn soldiers died during D-day are buried.
That night we had dinner and slept at Bayeux, where we met up with a lot of other districts! There were probably 1oo exchange students at the same hotel that night... It was so fun.

Saturday morning we left for le Mont St. Michel at 8am-- (weekend full of early mornings.) We stayed in little bungalows about 2km away from the actual mont. I stayed with 7 other girls from my district who i love ! :) and we met up with even more districts so all together there were like 200 of us! After we were all situated at the hotel we went to le mont and went on a really long walk around it. It was soooo awesome! Le Mont St. Michel is absolutely stunning. Words can't describe it and the walk we went on was really cool because we were walking on this clay type stuff so it was really fun to play in haha. There were also patches of quicksand so we had to be careful and listen to our guides.

--oh, the irony of this next picture...
However, here was were i expierenced some bad luck haha. So, at the half way point of the walk (probably had about 1.5 miles left) I cut my foot really bad on a coquillage (shell)! I had to stop and wait for the guide to come and wrap it up and then various guys in the group had to carry me the whole way back! ahh. i felt so bad for them... it didn't hurt very bad, but the guides wouldnt let me walk because they didnt want it to get infected or dirty... it was terrible. So, after over an hour of piggy backs, we went to the infirmerie and they told me that I needed to go and get stitches at the hospital!!!! i didn't think it was that bad, but i guess it was pretty deep.... So I had my first (and hopefully last) trip to a french hospital and I now have 4 stitches in my foot.... pas le chance! I was kind of surprised by the hospital... I had to wait 3 hours! and it was really weird because it was the Emergency Room... and on top of that my doctor was not reassuring at all haha. She appeared to be really frazzled and was talking herself through the steps- (i later found out she was an intern...). Also, while she was sewing me up, nurses would just rush into the room and look for various things and then when my doctor was almost finished a group of people rushed in and said they needed this room for the person in the ambulance so i got wisked away on the hospital bed to another room... haha it was so wierd. she told me that she was sorry because she accidentally took the room for the ambulance emergencies...! oh dear haha. But anyway it all went well, and it didnt hurt that much- just when she gave me the shot for anesthesia right in my cut... ouch--- but no worries because im fine!!! :)

When I was finished, I went back to the group and we had dinner and dessert. I missed out on hearing everone sing their national anthem which was kind of a bummer. but the other students said it took forever, so i guess its alright ;) . After the dinner there was a dance, which went until 2am haha. Unfortunetly I couldnt dance too well seeing i was crippled haha, but it was still fun hanging out with everyone :) My room didnt go to bed until like 3:30 and we had to wake up at 6:30 for breakfast..... yea not too fun when you have a cold (oh i forgot to mention that... i have a pretty bad cold.. yucky.)
the next day we got to wander around Le Mont St. Michel which was fun :) it is a really neat place. And i found a silver charm for my bracelet so im excited!!! :)

we ate lunch at the La Rôtisserie (I seriously almost fell asleep on my plate because I was so exhausted) and then after we all got back on the bus and headed home. I slept for a lot of the bus ride which was nice...

I got home at about 9ish last night and then went to bed at 10. Luckily Patrice and Isabelle said I could stay home from school today becasue Im sick. its really hard being sick and not having my mommy! but i have some medicine to take so I should be better soon. I had to take a break while writing this to take a nap and i need another one right now.... well, there you have it!
grosses bisous,

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  1. OMG Emily what a weekend!

    I am so glad you are okay though.

    Please get well soon and if you want to skype, we can for sure!