October 3, 2010

Le jour de mes frères!

well, the title of this entry is probably not written in correct french, but today was the day of my brothers! Its John's birthday (Happy Birthday jono!) and also, i got meet my other French brother, Baptiste, (well, just via skype). It was fun to talk to him since hes going through the same thing as me, just in Finland. He was very nice. But anyway, today we went to Paris to watch Amandine in a horse competition. She is really good! she got 4th today out of the entire competition. In between her events, Patrice, Isabelle and I got to visit château de Vincennes. It was really beautiful! It was the first castle I have ever seen! (well besides disney ;) ) Oh and this morning I made an american breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage on toast. I think I have cooked more this past month than I have in my entire life. Im quite proud of myself :) Well, I'm off to bed!



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  1. J'adore les chateaux! You are so lucky! Did you love it?