October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween everyone! :)
France doesn't go all out for halloween like the US so it doesn't really feel like its Halloween, but Patrice and Isabelle bought me a pumpkin to carve so that was a little slice of Halloween from home which was nice. After I carved the pumpkin and we ate lunch we went to visit a chateau thats not far from town. It was pretty:) Europe is very lucky to have all these beautiful castles everywhere!!! There is sooo much history here. There aren't very many kids trick or treating out tonight, well its still early but I heard that not many kids even go trick or treating here... (they don't say anything like trick or treat, they just say "Do you have candy?" haha) Anyway tonight I'm going to a soirée in Paris for my friend's birthday. Its not a costume party which is a little sad, but its something to do all the same so I'm happy :) Well, there you have it!
grosses bisous,

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  1. If it is any consolation Emily, you did more celebrating Halloween than we did!