October 17, 2010

Paris tout seul!

So, I am very proud of myself because I went to Paris all by myself today! I met up with some of the other exchange students in my district in Paris, but I was able to get there tout seul :) I feel pretty comfortable with it now which is really cool because now if I don't have anything to do I can just pop on over to Paris. Well, Isabelle and Patrice did help me a lot before I left with what metros and trains and stops to take, but I am pretty positive I could figure all that out :)
In paris we just kind of wandered around... We went to Les Halles, but a lot of the stores were closed because it was sunday . Didn't do much sightseeing or anything, but just being in Paris with my friends is fun no matter what we do :) It was really really cold so we hung out in a cafe drinking hot chocolate and coffee and such. It was really fun. Lots of good laughs. I bought a cute sweater and some mittens too :) mostly because I was freezing haha.
anyway, now I am back at home staying nice and warm :) I think I am going to go knit. haha
grosses bisous!

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  1. That is great Emily! Finding your way around is a major accomplishment! Good job!

    Glad you hear you are enjoying your knitting. Sounds cozy, knitting in France.

    Thank you to Patrice and Isabelle for taking you to the knitting shop!