October 30, 2010

Le Louvre!

I visited the Louvre today (first time actually going inside) with a few other exchange students in my district :) It was really fun! I got to see all the famous works like the Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, and Venus de Milo. The Louvre is absolutely enormous and its impossible to see everything so we just sort of picked a few hallways to look through. We spend i think over 3 hours in the museum and only got one tiny tiny section of it done haha. Good thing we are here for 8 more months ;)

After the Louvre we went the le Jardin des Tuileries and ate crepes at a little cafe that was there :) We talked about how sometimes we forget how lucky we are be living in France and have the ability to go to the Louvre for the afternoon whenever we want. La vie est vraiment belle... :) after hanging out in the jardin for a bit we started to make our way to Pigalle for this standup comedy show we got free tickets too. We were running a little late so we just grabbed some food real quick to eat on the way. Eating a bowl of pasta on the metro around 7pm is not the best idea haha. The metros were absolutely packed- body to body. haha... anyway Pigalle is a very interesting (to put it nicely) part of Paris.... pretty sketchy.... but the comedy show was pretty good (from what i could understand) and I got to see the Moulin Rouge so i was happy!
well, its pretty late here so im off to bed! grosses bisous!