October 2, 2010

Val d'Europe, La Fromagerie, Les Gaufres

Today Patrice and Isabelle took me to the Val d'Europe mall, which was huge! :) we were searching for a coat for me, but didn't have any luck... but it was fun to see all the stores. I will definitely be taking a trip back there. We ate at the mall at chez Paul. it was delicious! (but seriously, what isn't here?) I had une crêpe au fromage de chèvre et aux tomates. I think there was some pesto too. Man it was good! :) Then after that we bought some cheese at la fromagerie. I can't believe how many differents kinds of cheese there are.... Oh and for dessert after dinner we had des gaufres (waffles). It was funny to eat them for dessert instead of breakfast, but they were still good of course! there was some batter left over so i think we might have it for dessert tomorrow...
but anyway, j'ai un peu mal à la tête (have a little bit of a headache) so I better get some sleep.

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