October 22, 2010

chez Gabelotaud

My Paris plans with Mia fell through because it turned out that she did have class this morning, but not to worry because Aurelien (my host brother in my 2nd family) invited me to come and hang out with Milton and him since none of us had school today. It was really fun. We played a few games on the Wii, which i was terrible at haha but thats okay. Then we ate lunch and after that watched Star Wars (in english haha- Aurelien said he likes watching movies in english so I didn't object, especially since I hadn't seen it before and probably couldnt have followed it in French). Funny that my first time watching Star Wars was in France--- hah. after the movie Aurelien had to go turn in his registration for the bac so I walked to the school with him- The school was of course deserted besides a few workers, but it was a really nice crisp fall day. It felt nice to get out and walk. I love fall :) When we got home we all made crêpes! Sophie showed us how to make them in a pan which is a lot harder than it looks haha. but I was so proud of myself because I flipped the crêpe in the air to turn it over :) like a pro!!! haha.
Anyway, when I came back home I chatted with Patrice and Isabelle for a bit--- still in my broken french, but im gettig there ;)--- oh and then I packed my suitcase becasue tomorrow we are going to the Alps! yay! its a pretty long drive (6hours) but I'm excited. I'm not bringing my laptop so sorry in advance to my faithful readers- I won't be posting anything until after I return. I think it will be really good for me to not have my laptop so I can only see, hear, and speak French this week. I am slowly but surely noticing my French improving. Its really encouraging when I can follow along in conversations and during tv shows. Still can't understand everything but I get the jist! I will be one happy camper when i can understand everything said during a tv show or dinner :)
anyway- im off to bed! grosses bisous,
à bientôt,


  1. Oh have fun Emily. I will miss you. Can't wait to hear all about the Alps. Love you! Xoxoxoxooxoxoxox Aunt Jen

  2. I bet you will love your stay in the Alps. Although I haven't been there I hear it is beautiful.
    The U.S. press is giving the teacher's strike over there alot of attention. And it is really interesting to get your on the lines, up front account of things first hand. Have fun. We miss you. Grandpa Lonnie

  3. Let us know when you have your first dream in French. That will be a huge turning point.
    Enjoy the Alps and try a bit of yodelling! I love you lots. Gramma