October 12, 2010

la grève encore!

there was another strike today! this is the third so far and Isabelle told me that they are planning on having even more in the next month. Its crazy. Well, it was kind of nice for me today because my french teacher participated in the strike today so i didn't have class all afternoon- Only 2 hours of economics and 1 hour of french (with my other french teacher- who told me that i didn't have class all afternoon!). It was really nice to have the afternoon off because I needed the rest. For lunch I ate at Quick- a French fast-food restaurant. It was actually pretty good :) and since Quick was in the mall next to my school I shopped around for a bit too. Finally found a blouson (coat). It was a little hard getting back into the whole school routine after having such an amazing weekend, but i'll live :). oh my foot is good. not too sore, so thats good! Well, off to watch Desperate!
grosses bisous!

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  1. Emily It was so fun for me to skype with you today. Glad you had such and nice weekend even though you had a little trip to l'hopital!

    Nice to have a little break from school I bet.

    Je t'aime.