October 18, 2010

c'est fou en France maintenant!

Setting fire to cars, uprooting trees, turning over garbage cans, ambulances, tear gas, and beatings from the police- this is the current situation at French high schools! but don't worry, I was not a participant. Today at my high school a bunch of big guys linked arms and blocked the entrance to the school so that no one could get it. They also had uprooted a tree and also put that in front. Normally, I would be fine with this because I don't like going to school anyway, but today I was having a sortie with my French class to an art museum and I really wanted to go- so when I told my friend this she pushed me to the front of the group and told the boys that I was american and had to go to my french class so I needed through. haha I had to use my best puppy-dog face and say "s'il vous plaît" a lot, but finally they let me through. I went through the infermerie like usual to get to my class and luckily the rest of my class was able to get through too. We went to this really old church in Chelles that was made into a comtemporary art museum. It was pretty neat. After the art museum my French teacher told us we could all just go home since both schools had been closed because of the blockade. When we were walking back from the museum we saw a few students running and hiding from the police and then outside my high school there was a huge fire and ambulances and police. It was so crazy! My friend told me that it was like a war this morning. People were setting fire to cars and trees and running wild. The police had to spray everyone with tear gas and one girl got hit in the eye with a fireball. It was seriously one of those riots you would see on the news. Really quite dangerous actually. I'm lucky I was at the museum for the worst of it. Rumors are going around saying its going to be like this all week. I can't believe it...
But oh an happier note- after i came home I had lunch with Isabelle and Patrice and then watched the first Harry Potter in french while I knit more on my scarf :)
well... i'll keep you updated!


  1. Uh Emily - Now I'm quite nervous. Please be safe and don't go to school anymore till this is over. Remember your grades don't count but your life does! LOL

    Seriously, I hope your french parents are helping you decide if its safe or not to go out in public??? Maybe sounds worse than it is?

    Just be safe damnit! :)

    xoxoxo Auntie Jen

  2. Hi Em!

    I guess this is something about France that you will always remember right?

    It makes for some interesting blog writing!

    Glad you got to go on your field trip to the museum anyway!

    Did you get any of it on your flip?

  3. I agree with Jennifer. You never know how people will act when they are in a riotous group. Please be safe and stay home til it quiets down. We are getting lots of news about it here. Plzzzzz be safe! Gramma

  4. Hi Emily. Looks like the french take their retirement options quite seriously. I'm enjoying your daily posts (just got caught up with them) and seeing you are having a wonderful time. We are in McCall getting the cabin closed. It is beautiful here but we miss you alot. I am thinking of using the Rosetta Stone to get some more french. Do you recommend Rosetta? Keep having a great time. Love Grandpa lonnie