October 4, 2010

no subs :D

So, I don't know if i have already mentioned this but they don't have substitute teachers here! its so nice :) if a teacher can't come to school the class is just canceled! so today i didn't start school until 10 because my french teacher was absent. Besides that luck nothing too exciting happened... i was kind of scatter brained today and forgot my card for the bus this morning (luckily i figured that out before the bus came and i had time to go get it real quick!) i also forgot my house key so afterschool i took a nice little walk around the neighborhood because i was locked out and my phone was dead hahaha. but i was only locked out for like 5 minutes so no worries :)
In history class we are still learning about america- i swear the french students know more about the US than i do haha. We talked about Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, JFK, Malcolm X, and the Watergate Scandal today. I felt right at home. :) i am really surprised how much American history they learn here, especially since in the US we don't learn much European History besides the World Wars and a few other subjects.
After school i had a little snack and then had a nice skype with my mommy :) The rest of the evening was pretty laid back. We had pasta and bread and salad for dinner. Pineapples for dessert. It was good (like always!). And yea so thats about it!
grosses bisous!

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