October 30, 2010

a bit of a rough day...

a little wave of homesickness came over me today :( i woke up feeling a little sad and then it just kind of grew as the day went on... I went to a movie in French with Isabelle and her sister and mom and I actually could follow along with the story so that was good, but it had a sad ending and so that didn't help my homesickness blues... We were going to go back to Isabelle's parents house for dinner, but I had to ask Isabelle if I could go home because I just really sad and didn't want to be at the dinner crying the whole time... I felt really bad for making Isabelle leave but she reassured me that it was fine and it was normal to be feeling this way so that was really helpful. After an hour or so of crying I felt better... I just needed to get it all out. Poor Isabelle probably didn't know what to do with this emotional wreck of an exchange student on her couch haha. It was really weird and I don't know why it hit me today... just kind of an off-day. But I am feeling better- just still a bit emotionally fragile. I knew coming into this that it was going to be hard and not everyday is going to perfect and I am completely okay with that. Its a learning experience. I am very grateful to have a host family that cares about me and to have this opprotunity to live in France. Of course I miss my family and friends, but I have met amazing people here in France too and I don't regret doing an exchange in the slightest. Also, tomorrow is Halloween so that should be fun :)
grosses bisous,


  1. Ahhh Emmmmm

    I feel for you. I was actually wondering how long you'd go before you had a "rough day". But its normal and you are human and tomorrow is another day right? Another day in Paris that is. Love you tons. and please feeeeeel my hugs. Cause they are long and tight! xoxoxoxoxoxo Auntie Jen

  2. oh Emily that sounds like it was rough. So nice of Isabelle to help you thru it.

    A big hug for you.

    we love you.


  3. Hi Em. Dad here. Just read your blog. Sorry you had a rough day. Sounds like on balance, though, you are having the time of your life. We miss you too, but know you are having such a great experience.
    I just saw an article on the Alps and Mont Blanc in a travel mag and i plan to read it.
    I love you lots.