October 21, 2010

Un soufflé au fromage

I made a soufflé!!! well, i helped Isabelle make a souffle, but it still counts :) It actually turned out really well too :) yummy. I eat so well here. And for dessert Isabelle made a really pretty and really delicious tarte aux pommes (apple tart). miam! Anyway, Ce sont les vacances pour moi! (Its the vacation for me!) I haven't had school all week because of the riots and then next week is our fall vacation---We are going to the French department called Rhone-Alpes. Its on the border of Italy and Switzerland in the mountains. I'm excited :) We will be there for a week staying with Isabelle's brother. Anyway today I didn't do much haha. Slept in until 11... went on a run later in the afternoon to celebrate getting my stitches out :) and yeaaa haha thats about it. I finished my scarf a few days ago so I need a new project!
Tomorrow morning i might go to paris with Mia (an exchange student from Finland) because she doesn't have class until 4ish so that should be fun! I love her :)
donc, c'est tout!
grosses bisous,


  1. I'm very impressed. Please make me an apple tart like that when you get back.